8 Ultimate Painted Rock Monsters For Kids To Make That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Ultimate Painted Rock Monsters For Kids To Make That Will Blow Your MindThe public schools are out for the summer. I homeschool my son, Jackson. He finished the fourth grade a few weeks ago. We have been making a lot of crafts to put on the blog (We will be adding them through the summer). It has been a lot of fun. Jackson hasn’t mentioned being bored once. He helped me with the title of this post, 8 Ultimate Painted Rock Monsters For Kids to Make That Will Blow Your Mind. It blew my mind that Jackson had so much fun with me making these. I figured it would be too simple to catch his attention. Once I started painting the base colors of the rock monsters he got excited to give them silly faces. He came up with a few of the monsters by himself.


Spring Stitch Fix

Spring Stitch Fix

Hey Guys! My Spring Stitch Fix came! For this Fix, I asked for a Spring outfit with pretty feminine tops and pants, no jeans. I was hoping for a complete outfit. If you do not know what Stitch Fix is or you want to know how it works, check out this post. Are you ready to see what I got and how I feel about the items? Let’s get into it!





16 Recipes For Father’s Day Dinner

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Easy Tin Foil Sausage and Veggies Dinner

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Awesome Roast Beef Recipe For Your Busy Week

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One Skillet Mexican Beef and Rice

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Queso Burgers

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Fall Off The Bone Slow Cooker Ribs

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Mom's Easy Meatloaf Recipe

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Meat Lover's Pizza

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Valerio's Pulled Pork Sandwich

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Beef Fajita Nachos

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Best Damn Chili

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Italian Sausage Hoagies

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Beef Stroganoff

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Slow Cooker Kielbasa And Sauerkraut

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Wingers Sticky Fingers Copycat Recipe

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Perfect Pan-Seared Steak

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Stitch Fix Review

Spring Style Inspiration It’s time for another Stitch Fix review! If you do not know what Stitch Fix is, check out this post. I requested a full outfit. I wish I had requested full outfits when I started getting subscription boxes. I ended up with several pieces that do not go with anything. I request pieces that go together now. That is the whole reason I started receiving clothing subscriptions. I needed a new wardrobe that did not consist of all t-shirts and yoga pants. Seriously. I still wear t-shirts and yoga pants. Not everyday. I hope you get some inspiration out of this review. 


Stitch Fix Athleisure Review

Stitch Fix Athleisure


Stitch Fix Athleisure Review: In this Fix I wanted all the items I saw in one of the pictures on the Stitch Fix blog, except for the leggings. I have several pair of leggings that would go with this athleisure outfit. It’s the picture to the left (or above if you are on your phone). I have requested it each month for at least one of my boxes. I get two boxes a month in my subscription. My stylist hasn’t been able to find any of the pieces UNTIL THIS MONTH. I was SO excited when I opened my box!

I read the note that my stylist sent me. She said that she wasn’t able to find all of the pieces that are in the picture, but she found some that were REALLY close. Keep reading if you want to see what I got!

Read this post if you would like to learn more about Stitch Fix.



How to Make a Gnome For Valentines Day

Gnome for Valentine’s Day


 Valentine's Day Gnome by We're Bright At HomeGnomes are very popular right now and have been for a while. They are not just for your garden or Christmas. This tutorial is to help you make an easy gnome for Valentine’s Day. You can decorate your gnome for any season or holiday. If you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day check out my tutorial for making a Valentine’s Day wreath.

These little guys make me smile every time I look at them. They are so cute. They are as wide as they are tall. I just love them so much!

You can leave the hearts off of your gnome if you want to display it on a shelf year around. These little guys are very versatile. Let’s get into it!



Winter 2017 Stitch Fix Review

 Winter Stitch Fix


December is here and it is time for me to start sharing my Stitch Fix boxes with you! This was a great Fix! This is the Winter 2017 Stitch Fix Review – I threw my coat away at the end of last Winter so it would force me to buy a new one this year. I am bad for hanging on to everything for years. I requested for this Fix to be all coats. 


15 Gift Ideas For Crocheters

15 Gift Ideas For Crocheters

Here are 15 gift ideas for the crocheter in your life. They are suitable for giving for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, well you get it! If you are a crocheter, pass this along to all your loved ones.

**This post contains affiliate links**

  1. Yarn! Crocheters need yarn, of course! Crocheters can never get enough yarn! 


Snow Globe Tutorial

Snow Globe Tutorial

Christmas Ornament DIY

I hope you enjoy this step by step snow globe tutorial. Our family has always made at least one handmade Christmas ornament a year for our tree. It has been a tradition for a long time. Every one of them tells a story. I remember every story behind all of them. I wanted to share the Christmas ornament idea that my son, Jackson and I are making for our Christmas tree this year so you can create some memories of your own. It’s a full-length tutorial. It is super easy and affordable. I bought everything we needed to make the ornament at the Dollar Tree. So if you are looking for a cute handmade ornament to put together with your kids, your class or Sunday school class, read on. And of course, read on if you like super easy tutorials that will leave you with an adorable craft inthe end! Let’s get to the tutorial!




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