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Leslie Bright


Hello! My name is Leslie. I love all things creative! Take a look around. I’m sure you can find something you will enjoy! I love to share my ideas and how-tos. My son and I make kids crafts and cook together. Don’t worry! I also have craft projects and recipes for adults too! I can’t forget the men now can I? My husband and I do all of our own home renovations. I share how we do them and how we stay on a budget. What are you waiting for? Come on! Dive on in!


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How to Whitewash Wood Crafts

How to Whitewash Wood Crafts

Whitewashing has become more popular with the farmhouse and vintage decor that is in style right now. It's very popular on all of the home shows too. So why not make your own decor and give it a touch of whitewash?       I will be showing you how to...

Dollar Tree DIY Lantern

Dollar Tree DIY Lantern

Don't pay on upwards of $30 on the decorative lanterns that are so hot right now when you can pay less than $5 to make one of these Dollar Tree DIY lanterns. These beautiful lanterns are easy to make. And to beat it all, they're made from real woodblocks. No saw...

Yo-Yo Pig Magnet

Yo-Yo Pig Magnet

  Imagine these cute little farm animal yo-yos cavorting across the front of your fridge! Your child can make a whole basket of them in one evening to give away to their friends, family or even give them to their teachers as a cute little handmade gift. These...

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