Christmas Coloring Pages

Hey Parents! Need a little down time? Grab these free adult coloring pages for YOU! 

  • They will help you relax
  • Allow you to "get away" for a bit
  • Grab your colored pens or pencils and get started

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Do you want to make your own home decor?

My husband and I have been renovating our farmhouse. I’ve been replacing a lot of our old decor with modern farmhouse pieces that I make myself. I have been sharing the projects here on the blog. Click the button below to check out the lanterns I made for our living room.

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The best carpet cleaner recipe you will ever need

You will never use another store bought carpet cleaner after you make this carpet cleaning recipe! I use it on all of the carpet in our home. It never disappoints. It cleans tough high traffic areas with ease. Go ahead and click on the button below to try it for yourself!

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Best Meatloaf Recipe

Best Meatloaf Recipe

This meatloaf recipe is one of my own recipes that I have been using for 30 years. I have tweaked it here and there. I have learned of the substitutions that I can use if I am out of something. For example, if I am out of bread crumbs, I substitute with oatmeal,...

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