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3 awesome farmhouse diy decor

Need some party decor ideas for July 4th?

You have come to the right place! Try these 3 awesome DIY patriotic farmhouse July 4th decor ideas! We use farmhouse decor in our house, so this was perfect.These ideas will be handy to use throughout the year. Click on the links to each step-by-step DIY. 





How to make a farmhouse garland

I wanted to make a garland that would match the farmhouse decor that I use in our house that I could use year around, but it needed to go with the patriotic colors of July 4th. We are having a cookout tomorrow (July 4th). We are going to shoot fireworks as well. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make the farmhouse garland.

How to make a farmhouse garland for Independence Day

How to make a farmhouse garland for Independence Day

How to paint Farmhouse Mason Jars

I love how these jars turned out. I went ahead and painted them in traditional patriotic colors. They will still work in a couple of rooms in my house separately. These make cute vases for flowers or to hold plastic spoons, knives and forks for parties. Click here for the full tutorial.


How to paint Mason jars

Add it all together for one nice display

DIY July 4th Decor IdeasThings you need to complete the project:

Wooden ladder or stand
Sunflower bush
Patriotic picks
American flags
Farmhouse garland
Farmhouse Mason jars
Push pins


I used an old rustic ladder for my display. I like that it has paint splatters and imperfections. That’s what gives it its charm. Open the ladder. Make sure it is setting on level ground. Wipe it off if there are spider webs and dust on it. Figure out how you want your garland to hang. Do you want it hung above the ladder or on the ladder? I tried a few different ways to hang my garland before I settled with one. I started to cut my garland into pieces and tack them over each step on ladder. That was a short lived idea because I’m set on using it on my gallery wall in the house. I decided to tack the garland behind the steps of the ladder. I used push pins to tack the garland on each level.

Add the Mason Jars

Next, decide where you want to place the Mason jars. I staggered the jars starting left to right, skipping a step in between. Place the jars on the steps. Place one sunflower, one American flag and a patriotic pick in each jar. The wind was blowing hard when I was trying to put everything together. I got all of my decorations at the Dollar Tree. 

July 4th farmhouse decor


July 4th farmhouse decor ideas


July 4th diy farmhouse decor ideas


It’s your turn! Have fun making these things. Come back and post a picture of your creations in the comment section. You can use these ideas for any holiday or match your everyday home decor.

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