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Crochet bear beanie ornament with crochet pattern
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I’ve already gotten a head start on my Christmas crochet projects and I’m not even finished with Thanksgiving yet. That’s how much I love crocheting!

So, to get into the holiday spirit here is an easy Christmas tree ornament with a free crochet pattern for a cute little bear beanie. 

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You can use it as a Christmas tree decoration. Or you can opt to put the miniature beanie, yarn ball, and crochet hook on a tiered tray along with your other holiday miniatures.

The holidays are about making memories with those you love so what better way than to have this cute craft be part of those memories?

You’ll want to make multiples because everyone will want one. This is also a great project if you’re new to crochet since it doesn’t require any shaping and all the stitches used are basic single crochet. It’s simple enough where anyone can do it.


2.5 mm crochet hook
Clear Christmas ornament (glass or plastic can be used)
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle
Sculpey Clay

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Crochet Bear Beanie Pattern

*Pattern is worked in continuous rounds*

Ch 2

Rnd 2: Work 4sc in the first chain. Place marker in the first stitch for beginning of round; move marker up as each round is completed. (4sc)

Rnd 3: 2sc in each stitch around. (8sc)

Rnd 4: *2sc in next stitch, sc in next stitch; rep from * around (12sc)

Ends 5-7: 1sc in each stitch. Fasten off. (12 sc) This finishes the beanie part.

Ears (Make 2)

Magic Ring, ch 1, 4sc in magic ring, pull tight, enough to form a half-moon shape, fasten off. Sew ears on each side of the hat between rounds 3 and 4.

Yarn Ball

Roll yarn into a small ball. It is best to use a little hot glue at the beginning and at the end, so it does not fall apart.

Make sure that the yarn ball is not too big to push through the hole of the ornament. Determine its size by comparing it to the size of the hat.

How to Make the Crochet Hook

 If you do not have any clay on hand you can break an extra wooden crochet hook to fit into the ornament, if you have one on hand. You could also use a toothpick.

I would cut it down to the thickest part and paint it, so it will not look like a toothpick. To make a crochet hook out of polymer clay; Preheat the oven to 275 degrees while you are forming the hook. Soften the clay up until it is warm and pliable.

Roll the clay into a snake, cut the length that you want the crochet hook to be. To determine how long it should be, consider the size of the hat and the ornament.

The crochet hook should not be too fat or too skinny.

After you cut the desired length of your crochet hook, cut a small notch out of the top of the clay hook to look like the hook.

Bake the clay in the preheated oven for 10-20 minutes. Clay should be completely cooled (and hard) before putting it inside the ornament.


Crochet bear beanie ornament with crochet pattern
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 How to assemble the Ornament

 You can use either glass or plastic ornaments to put your bear beanie in. It doesn’t matter. They can be flat or round. I used flat ones because that’s what I had on hand. 

Remove the top of the ornament. If you want the hat and the yarn ball to stay in place, apply glue dots to the back of the hat and the bottom of the yarn ball.

Fold the hat in half, be careful not to touch the glue dot in the hole or on the sides of the ornament.

Push the hat through the hole of the ornament. Be careful if you are using a glass ornament. I used a wooden dowel to place each piece where I wanted it. I made a couple of different versions of the ornament.

The one with the blue hat has the hook through the yarn ball (like in the first picture above). I put the hook through the white hat (like in the picture below) and left the yarn ball out.

Well, what do you think of this bear beanie ornament with a free pattern? Make sure to save this post to Pinterest.





Crochet bear beanie ornament with crochet pattern
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