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I made this crochet car American tote bag for my son to put his things in while he’s in the car. I have found myself on many occasions having to preach to him to clean the backseat of the car. There has been loose tissues and small toys in the seat and in the floorboards. I knew I wanted to make something to help keep the car clean, but I wasn’t sure what. I searched many patterns and finally found one I loved by Heidi Yates. Her Ravelry shop is called Snappy Tots. I love her patterns. I have bought a few of her patterns in the past. She is very generous and offers several of her patterns for free. She offers the American Car Tote Bag for free in her Ravelry Store.


I love how perfect the size of the tote turned out. It is not huge, but it is big enough for my son’s small toys. The tissue holder was a win for me too.You can make the strap as long as you would like. I found that the size made in the pattern was just right for my seat’s headrest.


crochet car tote


I Made My Own Adjustments

Instead of crocheting a long strap and just hanging the tote on the headrest and letting it dangle, the strap is a good size. You add a button to the inside of the tote and a button hole in the strap so it fits snug. The American Flag was a good choice with Independence Day coming up. If we get tired of the tote hanging on the back of the seat, it can also be used as a regular tote. If I was going to carry books or something heavy in it I would take the button out and sew the strap down to make it even sturdier.


crochet car tote


If you enjoyed making this crochet car American tote bag, then go check out Heidi Yates’ Ravelry Store, Snappy Tots. She has many super cute patterns to choose from.



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