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craft stick snowman ornament
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Today we will be making a craft stick snowman ornament. It is perfect for smaller children to make. They can dress their snowman up as much as they want.Materials:

1 pack large craft sticks
Felt or paper for the hat
Felt, fabric or wide ribbon for the scarf
White acrylic paint
Acrylic paint or sharpie markers for nose, eyes, and mouth
Buttons or pompoms (the possibilities are endless)
Ribbon, jute, yarn or string to use as a hanger
Googly eyes (optional)

How to make a craft stick snowman

For the craft stick snowman’s body, paint the craft stick white. I only painted one side. It’s less messy and it saves on paint. Let dry completely. While it dries, cut the hat and scarf out of your choice of materials. I used black felt for the hat and red felt for the scarf. I didn’t use a pattern for them, because they are basic shapes.

Add a Face

Glue the eyes about a half an inch down from the top of the craft stick snowman’s head. Make sure you leave enough room for the hat. You can also paint the facial features on or draw them on with a sharpie. I painted the nose on with a thin bristled paint brush. I turned the paintbrush over and dipped the end into black paint, then I dabbed on the mouth.


If you are using felt, fabric or wide ribbon for the scarf, put a dab of glue where you want to tie it in the front, then tie. It will not come undone. Decorate your craft stick snowman however you please. I glued two buttons to mine. Lastly, after the front of your craft stick snowman is completely dry, turn it over and glue on whatever you chose to be the hanger. I used red craft ribbon. You could use, ribbon, jute, yarn, string, etc. Put some glue where you want the hanger. Cut your material as long as you want the hanger to be.  Make a loop. Crisscross the ends and press them in the glue.

My son and I made a bunch of these for our tree a few years ago. We love to pull them out of the Christmas decorations every year. We are both very proud of them. They each have their own personalities. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial to make your very own craft stick snowman!

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