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crochet snowflake pattern It’s day 4 of the 7 Days til Christmas Series! If you missed day 3 of the series, you can find it here. Today’s ornament is a crochet snowflake with free pattern. This snowflake pattern is so versatile. You can use different size hooks to adjust the size of the snowflakes to use them as gift decorations, home decor and for the tree too. Of course!


White yarn Size E crochet hook Yarn needle Glitter snowflake decoration (optional)

Gauge: Not important.

Special Stitches: Picot stem ch 6, slip stitch in 3rd ch from hook, *ch 3, slip stitch in 3rd ch from hook* twice, slip stitch in 1st 3 chains of stem.

Crochet Snowflake Pattern

  Magic Ring, Ch 1 Rnd 1: 12 sc in Magic Ring, slip stitch to 1st sc, do not turn (12sc) Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same sc as ch, ch 3, sc in next sc *sc in next sc, ch 3, sc in next sc, repeat from * around, slip stitch in 1st sc, do not turn. (6 = ch 3 spaces) Rnd 3: (sc, ch 1, sc, picot stem, sc, ch 1, sc) in each ch 3 space around, slip stitch to 1st sc. Fasten off. Add extra decorations if desired. I used hot glue to glue a glitter snowflake to the center of mine. Leslie from We're Bright At Home               Check out these posts in my Christmas series for more ornament ideas: Crochet Bear Beanie Ornament Glitter Christmas Light Ornament Santa List Ornament Crochet Snow Flake Pattern 5 Awesomely Easy Christmas Ornaments Craft Stick Snowman Ornament Miniature Crochet Christmas Stockings  



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