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Glitter ornament

Let’s make a DIY glitter Christmas light ornament! Welcome to day 2 of the 7 Days til Christmas Series! If you missed the day 1 ornament, you can check that out here. My 9-year-old son loves to make these ornaments. He says he loves the instant gratification he gets when he makes them. They are so easy to make. They are very pretty and sparkly too! Get ready to add some extra bling to your tree!


DIY Glitter Christmas Light Ornament


Pledge Floor Care with the blue label
Extra Fine Glitter
Clear Plastic Christmas Bulb Ornament 
Small Funnel


Before I started, I made sure to have a place to stand the ornament securely for draining and drying purposes. I took two old coffee mugs and put two rubber bands in the center of them so the ornament could sit securely. Put the rubber bands close enough together to squeeze the ornament.

glitter ornament
glitter ornament


Take the top off of the ornament. Squeeze a little bit of the Pledge Floor Care into it. Then swirl it around making sure to cover the entire inside. This is what makes the glitter stick.

glitter ornament


After you have all of the inside covered with the Pledge, turn it over so the Pledge can drain out in between the rubber bands on the cup you set aside. Wait a few minutes, then check to make sure all of the excesses have drained out.

glitter ornaments

Now you are ready for the glitter. Fill the ornament about a quarter of the way full of glitter and tilt the ornament in different directions making sure to cover all of the insides. I put my thumb over the hole and gave it a shake a couple of times too. If you didn’t add enough glitter to cover, just add more. It’s best to use extra fine glitter instead of the bigger stuff because it covers the best and doesn’t leave bare spots.

glitter ornament

After you cover the inside with glitter, get the other cup you added rubber bands to and flip the ornament over in between the rubber bands and tap it to empty out the loose glitter. Some people will want to immediately put the glitter back into the container it came out of. I wouldn’t advise it. The Pledge isn’t going to be completely dry. If there is any extra Pledge left in the ornament, it could fall into your whole container. I give the ornament 15 or so minutes to dry, then I check to see if any of the Pledge came out. If the glitter is dry I put it back into the glitter container.

glitter ornament


Put the cap back on the ornament when it is completely dry. See how easy that was? Now go make a bunch more so Santa can see how pretty your tree is!

You can jazz up your ornament after you’ve added glitter to it by adding a name to it. I have a Silhouette Cameo that I use to cut different types of materials. I used it to cut my name out of vinyl to add to the ornament. You could also use stickers and ribbon too.


If you enjoyed making the DIY Christmas light ornament you should definitely check out this one!

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