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Pizza Pretzel Tutorial and RecipeToday I am doing the easy pizza pretzel recipe tutorial. I thought I would make a tutorial for you because stuffing the inside of the pizza dough with cheese can get a little tedious. I wanted to try this recipe because you use canned pizza crust. Like I did in my biscuit dough donut tutorials (here and here), I wanted to try as many of these types of recipes to see if they are as good as actual homemade. I chose the pizza pretzel because my family and I LOVE pizza. We are picky when it comes to our pizza. So these guys had some big shoes to fill. Or big cheese to fill? Either way, fingers crossed that they are worthy. Before we start, I wanted to let you know that I bought Pillsbury canned pizza dough for this recipe. The crust baked up kind of sweet tasting like their canned crescent rolls. My husband and my youngest son didn’t care for it, but they liked the toppings. I have had the best luck with the Walmart brand of canned dough.

Easy Pizza Pretzel Recipe Tutorial


Yields 3 pretzels


Store-bought marinara or pizza sauce for dipping
4 cups shredded mozzarella 2 (8 ounces) bags
15 pepperoni slices
1 (13.8 ounces) can pizza dough

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To start, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with the aluminum foil and set it to the side for later.



Open the pizza dough and unroll it. It should form a 15×9 inch rectangle.

Cut the dough into 3 equal strips. I used a pizza cutter.

These will be your 3 pretzels.



Take each strip and carefully stretch them in length and width. Stretch each to about 3 inches in width and about 34 inches in length.


Sprinkle the cheese down the center of each dough strip. Reserve the last cup of cheese for later.


Take each side of the dough and pinch it together so it seals. You will do this all the way to the end. Make sure to pinch each end closed.

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As you seal the dough, slightly roll it to form a log to create the 3 dough logs filled with cheese.

Form the pretzels, take one log, carefully move it to the baking sheet. Form a circle with the ends of the log at the top of the circle with the ends of the log at the top of the circle. Twist the log ends around each other once and bring them down to meet the bottom of the circle. You just made the pretzel shape! Repeat with the other 2 logs on the baking sheet.


Leave a comment on this page if you need help with forming your pretzels. I will be happy to help!


Add the pepperoni to the pretzels. Give them a little extra nudge to make them stick. I added 5 pepperonis to each pretzel. Use your own taste preference. Sprinkle the remaining cup of cheese among the 3 pretzels.


Bake 14-18 minutes until golden brown.


Serve immediately with the pizza sauce or marinara sauce. I always have a jar of marinara sauce on hand. So, that’s what I used.


These were very good. The pizza pretzels are BIG and very filling. I do, however, recommend Wal-Marts’ brand of pizza dough if you don’t like your dough sweet. After I made these, I picked up a can and made a pizza for dinner tonight with it and it was delicious and not sweet at all.

Free meal plan printables

Don’t forget to grab your meal planning printables!


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