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How to make a farmhouse garland out of fabric


I am decorating our front porch for Independence Day. I decorated mason jars to go on it too. You can check it out here. I thought that I would do a quick tutorial on how to make a farmhouse garland for Independence Day. The best thing about this garland is that you don’t have to only use it once a year as a decoration for July 4th. It can be used with your farmhouse decor all year around. Read on to learn how to make this garland and to learn some ideas to use it for other holidays!




What colors should you use in a farmhouse garland?


I chose colors that are not the traditional red, white and blue you see everywhere for Independence Day because I knew that I wanted to be able to use this garland for other holidays. I’m thinking about possibly using it on my farmhouse gallery wall. I chose a more berry colored red, off white (think muslim) and navy blue. These are still considered “americana” colors.


How to cut the fabric to make a farmhouse garland


Cut the fabric into 1 inch by 6 inch strips. I cut about a half a yard of each color to see how much of the cord it would cover. My finished garland is over 5 feet long. If you don’t want your’s to be that long, don’t cut a lot of strips. Definitely use a good pair of sharp scissors. I have a pair Fiskars scissors that I have been using for more than 25 years. My husband has sharpened them for me maybe two times since I have owned them. They have been awesome scissors, that’s for sure! These are the Fiskars that I use. 


How to tie the fabric to make a farmhouse garland


I didn’t cut a length of hemp cord because I wasn’t sure how long I wanted my garland to be. If you know how long your want your garland to be you can go ahead and cut the cord. Make sure to leave a length of cord so your can tie it when you are ready to hang it. Tie a double-knot where you will begin to tie the strips on.

This part isn’t hard. It will seem tedious at first, but it really does come together quickly. Tie each strip to the hemp cord. I only tied mine once. I didn’t make an actual knot. All I did was pull the strip tight. I have handled the garland a lot without being careful. It is still in perfect condition. I tied the strips in a red, white and blue pattern. Push each strip close to the next as you tie them on.



Keep tying the fabric strips in the chosen pattern until the garland is and the desired length.



How to finish off a farmhouse garland


Tie a double-knot in the cord once the garland is as long as you want it. Measure a 12 inch tail. Cut the cord. That’s it! That’s how to make a farmhouse garland for Independence day!





If you used non-traditional colors as I did, you can totally use your garland for other holidays! It would be great for holidays like Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day and even Christmas! You can even use it for parties and cookouts! The possibilities are endless. I plan to use my garland on our covered porch for Independence Day. I will also use it on my farmhouse gallery wall. 

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