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Welcome to the new Homeschool category on our blog! I started homeschooling our son last year. There were so many questions about what I needed to get started with homeschool. That’s why I wanted the first post in this category to be about exactly that, homeschool supply list. There are several things on it that you may not realize you will need.

Student Supply List 

  • Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencils I buy these pencils every year. I think they are the best ones for the money. They are of good quality. I love that they come already sharpened.
  • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper We use a lot of paper for our homeschool. This is perfect to divide and put in separate subject folders.
  • Library Card A library card is essential for homeschooling. The library offers way more than just books and movies. Our local library has fun events and clubs, especially for homeschoolers. They have read-a-longs in the mornings through the week. My son loves it! Checking out books from the library helps keep homeschooling costs down. 
  • Composition Notebooks We buy several of these for the year for book reports, Math notebook, Writing notebook, etc.
  • Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves  Give your child a dry erase marker. Let them write their answer directly to the pocket. I use the pockets for many different subjects. These will save you a ton of money on copy paper and ink! They are perfect for practicing Math facts, writing and many more. All you do is slip a worksheet inside of the pocket and let them write their answers directly on the pocket.
  • Student Planner Older children can keep up with what is due using a student planner. My son keeps up with everything homeschool, plus important dates like a friend’s birthday party. They are very handy to have.
  • Plastic Folders Plastic is the best kind of folder, in my opinion. They last a lot longer than the others. 
  • Pens My son likes to use a pen for a few of his subjects. I don’t mind as long as he writes clearly and he does. I buy the erasable pens just in case he makes a mistake. 
  • Kid Scissors We use scissors a lot. We make a lot of crafts and lapbooks.
  • Glue The glue goes along with making crafts, lapbooks and for Math projects.
  • Laptop Computer In my book, a laptop is a must have for your child to use for homeschool. They can use it to do school anywhere with internet access. We did a couple of classes online last year. We will be doing the majority of school online this year along with other materials.

Teachers Supply List

  • Stapler and Staples These two items are used for your typical stuff. It comes in handy for making lap books. 
  • Paper Clips I use paper clips more than I use a stapler. I use them to separate each subject’s work for the day. I buy the fun shaped paper clips to clip onto my son’s work for the day. He loves them!
  • Pens I like to buy colored pens to use for grading, writing down attendance and writing notes on my son’s work.
  • Teacher Planner If you are the one teaching your children you need your planner. I have a teacher’s planner, one for our family stuff and one for my business stuff.  I also have a big dry erase calendar that I use. Yes, I am a bit of an over-organizer. It’s what has worked for me.
  • Printer I use our printer every single day. You don’t have to have a printer. It makes things a lot easier. I buy workbooks, but instead of letting my son write in them I print out the worksheets so I can sell them on eBay when we are finished for the year.
  • Printer Ink I normally buy a 3 pack of black ink. It lasts all year.
  • Copy Paper Definitely stock up on copy paper. You will use a lot of it.
  • Dry Erase Board We use our Dry Erase Board every day.  It allows me to write the lessons that are due for the day or to explain how to do something. My son likes to tell things to me as he writes them down on the board. He loves to be the teacher.

Homeschool Basics

Homeschool doesn’t have to be expensive. The list above is some of the basics that we use. You could get by with a library card, paper and pencils to start.  There’s no need to break the bank. Since I took my son out of school mid-year last year, I finished the year out with the few books his teachers gave him, library books, online lessons and workbooks/worksheets from Amazon and the Dollar Tree.

I hope these lists of supplies help you to get your homeschool started.

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