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How to make Santa list ornament


Are you ready to learn how to make a Santa list ornament? It’s day 3 of the 7 Days til Christmas Series! If you missed day 2 of the series, you can find it here. Today’s ornament is for the little kiddos. It’s fun and easy. They will love helping you create their list for Santa!

How to make a Santa list ornament


Wooden spool
Yarn or Ribbon
Acrylic paint
A small strip of paper


supplies to make a Santa list ornament

Let’s Begin

Cut the strip of paper to fit around the spool. Let the older kids write their Christmas list on the strip of paper. You can also use a printer to print the list. My son added the year and “Dear Santa” to his list. He used a green pen. The green ink didn’t show up in my pictures, so he wrote another list in black in for me. Thank you, Jackson! Don’t write all of the ways down the paper. Leave some white space so you can curl it up.


Santa list ornament

Next, paint the spool. I used an extra paintbrush to hold the spool while I painted it.


Santa list ornament


Let paint dry.


Santa list ornament


After the spool dries completely, glue the list to the center of the spool. I used a drop of hot glue. Any kind of glue will work.


Santa list ornament


To finish the ornament, lace the yarn or ribbon through the hole in the spoon and tie a loop knot. Make a second loop knot at the other end. Use a pair of scissors to curl the tail of the list. Enjoy!


Santa list ornament

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