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My son, Jackson, and I have been making a lot of crafts to put on the blog. It has been a lot of fun. 

It was Jackson’s idea to make these cute rock monsters. He helped me with the title of this post, 8 Ultimate Painted Rock Monsters For Kids to Make Will Blow Your Mind.

I figured it would be too simple to catch his attention. Once I started painting the base colors of the rock monsters he got excited to give them silly faces. He came up with a few of the monsters by himself.







Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes-Liner Brush & Base Coat Brush
E-6000 Craft Adhesive
Black Sharpie Marker
Mod Podge (Optional)
Googly Eyes-Different Sizes (Optional)
Magnetic Tape (Optional)




Okay! Let’s start making your 8 awesome painted rock monsters for kids to make, shall we?

Lay some newspaper or paper towels on your work surface to protect the area. Clean the rocks if needed. Jackson and I got our rocks out of my flower bed.

They were pretty dirty. We washed them in dish detergent, rinsed them and let them lay out to dry. If you don’t have easy access to rocks, you can find them here quite cheap.




Once your rocks are completely dry, go ahead and paint the first base coat with your choice of paint. I love this set of acrylic paint because it comes with 18 vibrant colors in 2 oz bottles.

We had to paint the darker rocks with 3 coats. The darker rocks weren’t as smooth as the lighter ones. We will only pick out the light colored rocks the next time we make these.

The smoothness of the light colored rocks was easier to paint on the facial features too. Make sure to let the rocks dry completely after each coat of paint. 


This is after one coat of paint. You can see the darker rocks through the paint.



Decide what you want your rock monster’s face to look like. Use the sharpie to draw on the mouth if you don’t like to paint on mouths.

The rougher rocks make it hard to color in an open mouth with a marker. So I painted it. You don’t have to use a black Sharpie for the rock monster’s mouth.

You could use red, pink or any color you like. Once the mouth is completed and fully dry, add on the teeth.


Rock Monster Tutorial
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We painted the teeth on with a liner brush. You could use a fine tip paint pen if you want.

Once the teeth are dry, you can trace around each tooth to make them stand out more. You could add a tongue too. These are YOUR little rock monsters. Decorate them however you would like.




Jackson and I played around with the googly eyes to see how many we could get on each face. I bought a pack of googly eyes from the Dollar Tree (Click on the highlighted word “googly eyes” above ↑ to get a set with the smallest eyes in it from Amazon).

There were a few different sizes in the bag. Unfortunately, we needed smaller eyes to fit on our smaller rocks.

No worries, though, we just turned our bigger paint brushes upside down and dabbed the end in our white paint and dabbed the rock were we wanted the eyes to go.



If the top of your paint brush is too big for the rock your are working on, just dab it in the white paint once, then dab it on a paper towel until you get the size of dot you need.

Try using a pencil eraser in the same manner if you need bigger dots. If you need the smaller dots to be bigger and you don’t have anything bigger to use, dip back into the white paint, then without touching the rock through the dot that is already there, drop the paint in the middle of the existing dot.

The eyes don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical. That’s what makes this rock monster project so easy. Let the whites of the eyes dry completely. Using the same method, dip the top of your smaller paint brush into black paint and dot the pupil of the eyes. Add on eyebrows if you wish. Let dry completely. 



We used the googly eyes on two of our rock monsters. Use a dab of the E-6000 adhesive to stick the googly eyes to the rock monster AFTER you cover the rock in Mod Podge and when it is dry.

If you don’t want your rocks to shine and you aren’t leaving them outside, you can glue the eyes on now.


8 Ultimate Painted Rock Monsters For Kids To Make That Will Blow Your Mind
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If you will be using the rock monsters inside and would like them to have a nice shine, use a clean paint brush to brush on a little Mod Podge. Let it dry completely.

If the monsters are going to be left outside you may want to spray a coat or two of sealer on them so the paint will last. Glue the googly eyes on now. To turn the rock monsters into refrigerator magnets we used a roll of magnetic tape.

I chose the magnetic tape because you can cut any length you want. Decide how big you need the magnet to be, cut it, peel off the paper backing and press it onto the rock. Use a little E-6000 if the magnet doesn’t secure entirely.


DONE!   Ta da! There you go! You now have your very own set of rock monsters! These are the 8 little rock monsters that Jackson and I made!

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