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Stitch Fix Athleisure Review: In this Fix I wanted all the items I saw in one of the pictures on the Stitch Fix blog, except for the leggings. I have several pair of leggings that would go with this athleisure outfit. It’s the picture to the left (or above if you are on your phone). I have requested it each month for at least one of my boxes. I get two boxes a month in my subscription. My stylist hasn’t been able to find any of the pieces UNTIL THIS MONTH. I was SO excited when I opened my box!

I read the note that my stylist sent me. She said that she wasn’t able to find all of the pieces that are in the picture, but she found some that were REALLY close. Keep reading if you want to see what I got!

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What’s in my box?

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My stylist was unable to find all of the pieces in the picture above. She did a wonderful job with what she sent me.The items that she found that are in the picture are listed first.

Raelynn Knit Duster Jacket

I loved this jacket in the picture. Unfortunately, not so much when I had it to try on. The name of it is labeled “Knit Duster Jacket”. It’s more like an afghan coat. I didn’t care for the fact that it didn’t have any type of closure. What is up with that? If I am cold enough to need a cardigan, coat or jacket, I want to be able to close it to keep warm. The coat was so big and thick it was uncomfortable. It was a size small and it swallowed me. It was warm and pretty to look at, but not at all what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, if you need something thick and warm, this would be a gorgeous jacket for you. I had already gotten a Stitch Fix Winter box with all coats in it in January. Click here to read my review on that box. Returned.


URBAN EXPRESSIONS Kate Quilted Backpack

This is the other item that was in the picture that I really liked. I was very excited to get this! I wanted this the second I pulled it out of the box! It is a perfect size, Ii isn’t too big or too small and it has plenty of pockets. The straps are adjustable, so it fits perfectly. Does anyone have trouble keeping their purse straps from falling off of their shoulders like I do? It drives me nuts. I love this backpack! I kept it. This is my second purse from Urban Expressions. I love the quality of both! I bought the first one a year ago and it still looks new.

NINE BRITTON Lorraine Mesh Detail Athleisure Hoodie

This hoodie looks pretty close to the one in the picture. It was super soft and it fit perfectly. the only difference was the see-through lace that is on the chest. It cheapened the overall look of the hoodie. I’m also not a fan of my bra straps being seen either. Am I the only one that my mama taught me that my underwear was never to be seen or shown on purpose? I know, I know, I could’ve worn a cute bralette or a tank top, but nah. Things need to be simplified. It is athleisure for heaven sakes! That’s the point, right?? I will say that I was on the fence about keeping it. It was so super soft and such a pretty color. The price wasn’t bad. But that darn lace! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I do not like lace on my clothes. I just don’t. I sent the hoodie back.

SUPERGA Cotu Classic Lace Up Sneakers

I’m glad my stylist couldn’t find the sneakers from the picture. I have two pairs of that style, but I don’t have any grey sneakers, I wanted these SO bad. Unfortunately (there’s that word again), they were way too big. The sneakers run big. I normally wear a size 8. The sizing is done by European standards so my stylist sent me a size 38 wide. My size should be called size SKI. My feet are long and narrow. These sneakers were just too long and too wide. I used the Stitch Fix app to try to exchange them for a smaller size. They were already sold out. Oh well, maybe I will request another pair in a different box. I had to send them back.

PINK CLOVER Aisha Knit Top

This top was sent in the place of the leggings I didn’t need. I really like it for it’s cute casual look. It’s as comfy as a sweatshirt, but the ties give it a little kick. It is super soft. I have noticed with the majority of the clothes that I get from Stitch Fix that they are very soft.This was a keeper.This top is cute with leggings and jeans. It is very versatile.

My Opinion Of This Box

It’s rare that I get a box from Stitch Fix that I am disappointed in. That’s why I have been with them for over a year. The stylist can not always find exactly what you are looking for. My stylist has worked hard to find me something as good, if not better. Like in this box, for instance, I am satisfied. I’m glad I got to try on the jacket even though it wasn’t what I expected. To tell you the truth, if I hadn’t have already bought a couple of coats before getting this box I would’ve tried to get a smaller size and tried it on again. I will definitely be asking for the sneakers in another box. I love everything that I kept out of this box and, as always, look forward to my next one. 

If you have any questions about Stitch Fix ask your questions in the comment section below. I would be happy to answer them. 

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