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I have gotten a little behind sharing my Summer Stitch Fix unboxings. I receive one every couple of weeks. It’s easy to get behind. Since I have already received a few boxes I am going to number each post. I can’t wait for you to see what I received in my Summer Stitch Fix #1 box.

RD STYLE Kaya Cold Shoulder Dress


I normally do not like anything cold shoulder. This dress was an exception. It is so well made. Even though it has elastic around the top part of the sleeve that hangs, it doesn’t pull or make me feel restricted in any way. I can not stand for my tops or dresses to grab or pull every time I move. The material is very light and airy, perfect for the summer. The dress is lined so you can’t see through it. I love that.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about is the fringe at the bottom. I usually don’t like fringe on my clothes. This fringe seemed to go with the dress. It was looped instead of shaggy looking. I like to have different styles of dresses on hand just in case.This is where Stitch Fix has come in handy for me. I am trying to step outside of my plain white box and try different styles/colors that I wouldn’t choose myself. Stitch Fix is perfect to help me with that. To learn more about how to get started with Stitch Fix check out this post. This cute dress is a keeper.

SKIES ARE BLUE Ashanti Maxi Skirt


This piece takes me a little out of my comfort zone. That’s a good thing. Remember, that’s one of the reasons I use Stitch Fix. Well, that, and it keeps me from wondering aimlessly around the mall. You are probably wondering why I would be uncomfortable in a long skirt that covers every inch of my lower half. It’s a straight style and it could show my lumps and bumps in an unflattering way.

I’m glad I tried it on. Trying every piece on whether you THINK you will like it or not is a MUST. I have had so many pieces that I took one look at it and thought I didn’t like the style or color, then it looked good on me. Never underestimate the power of trying things on.This maxi skirt is so soft and well made. It has a liner sewn inside of it that goes a couple of inches above my knees. It isn’t see through below the liner. This is a keeper.

STATEMENT Maggie Crochet Trim Tank Top


My stylist really tested my comfort zone with this Fix. This little top is adorable. I had my doubts about it because of the spaghetti straps and the length. I know there are a lot of middle aged moms like me that know exactly what I am talking about. Who remembers the belly shirts from the 80’s?? That’s what I thought this top was going to fit like when I first saw it. It turns out that it’s perfect and I love it! Once again, it is very well made. I want to add that I haven’t gotten very many pieces from Stitch Fix that I thought were cheaply made. The white “crochet” detail is very pretty. I put that in quotation marks because I crochet (you can check that out here) and that isn’t crochet. It’s still really pretty nonetheless.

The fabric is very soft. The spaghetti straps have sliders that help you size them to fit. The top isn’t as short as I thought it would be. My only concern with this top is finding a bra that will fit comfortably. I don’t have time for the aggravation of picking and pulling at my clothes all day. I kept this too.

Summer Stitch Fix
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GILLI Milly Maxi Dress


So here is another dress. Stitch Fix has been sending this Maxi Dresses out for a few years, maybe longer.  I almost didn’t try it on. You know, because it’s another dress and I don’t wear dresses that often. Don’t forget what I said above, “Never underestimate the power of trying things on.”. I love the navy blue and white together, I tried it on and really like it!

There were some concerns with the elastic waist that was just under my chest. It works. It compliments my waist line and didn’t emphasize any imperfections. The fabric is light and comfortable. I could wear this to the grocery store comfortably. I love how it doesn’t cling to me. It’s light feeling and flowy. The length is perfect. Keeper!

THML Katey Embroidered Knit Jumpsuit


Do you hear that?? That’s my comfort zone SCREAMING! Lol! Can we say JUMPSUIT?? I have not had a jumpsuit since I was in high school. Just picture it, banana yellow (yes, I’m serious), shoulder pads and tuxedo style top. I was COOL! Yeah, you know it!! Lol! No seriously, if an adult tells you they were cool in high school, they probably weren’t. Ha!

Anyway, back to this jumpsuit. It’s a safe color. Thank goodness it’s not banana yellow, right?? The red embroidery is very nice. The fabric is thin and comfortable. What’s up with the tassels that hang off of everything today? They are on everything from jumpsuits, to dresses, to tops. I don’t like things dangling from me all day. Am I too picky? Probably. Just ask my stylist. On second thought, no don’t. Don’t ask my Stitch Fix stylist. She is very patient and kind. She really is and she puts up with my pickiness. That’s always a plus.

I have to say, I like this very much. The fabric is light, but not see through. It has a zipper closure in the back. The tassels aren’t as bothersome as I thought they would be. Guess what? Yep! I kept it!

5 for 5!


I kept the whole box! That’s another reason why I want to show you some of my past Stitch Fix boxes because I have kept several of them. Like I say in almost all of these posts, not all of them are going to be winners. I have sent a few back without buying one thing out of them. There’s no shame in it. That’s the beauty of these subscriptions. If you don’t  like them, don’t buy them. Thank you for hanging out to read this post on my Summer Stitch Fix unboxing #1. 




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