Crochet Bear Beanie Ornament with Free Pattern

Crochet Bear Beanie Ornament with Free Pattern


Crochet bear beanie ornament with crochet pattern

I’ve already gotten a head start on my Christmas crochet projects and I’m not even finished with Thanksgiving yet. That’s how much I love crocheting!

So, to get into the holiday spirit here is an easy Christmas tree ornament with a free crochet pattern for a cute little bear beanie. 

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You can use it as a Christmas tree decoration. Or you can opt to put the miniature beanie, yarn ball, and crochet hook on a tiered tray along with your other holiday miniatures.

The holidays are about making memories with those you love so what better way than to have this cute craft be part of those memories?

You’ll want to make multiples because everyone will want one. This is also a great project if you’re new to crochet since it doesn’t require any shaping and all the stitches used are basic single crochet. It’s simple enough where anyone can do it.


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