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Looking for the best gift ideas for girls for Christmas? These are a few of the toys that will be at the top of every little girl’s Christmas list this year. These days, there are literally hundreds of different toys for girls to choose from. No matter what she’s into and how much you have to spend, there’s sure to be a huge range of gifts to match it.

Investing in toys that get your child away from a screen is also going to benefit their health. Kids today spend a lot of time either in front of a television or a tablet.

While technology can obviously be important for their development, it can also be detrimental if it’s used too frequently. So, buying toys that encourage imaginative play, and which encourage creativity, are a fab idea. To help narrow down your search, here you’ll discover 5 of the best toys for girls.

Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker – Quick & Easy Activity for Kids Ages 8 and Up

All young girls love to get creative, so why not treat her to this awesome friendship bracelet maker? Designed to be extremely easy to use, this fun kit is suitable for kids aged 8 and over.

It is inspired by the Japanese technique used to braid beads and cords, yet unlike the traditional practice, this is really simple for your child to use.

Create up to 10 unique bracelets

The Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker enables you to create up to 10 different bracelets. There are an incredible 88 spools of thread included in the kit, giving your child so many different customizable options.

You can also choose whether to create 8 or 12 strand bracelets. To give your child a little inspiration, there’s a design booklet included too. This will show them how to create different types of bracelets.

Quick and simple to use

This kit is by far one of the simplest on the market. All your child needs to do is load the machine up with the spools of thread of their choice, spin it and watch it develop in front of their very eyes.


There won’t be any knots to worry about and as it is quick and simple to use, your child won’t get frustrated trying to create the bracelets. The only challenge they’ll face is deciding what style of bracelet to create. This is a great toy for girls.


Enabling her to accessorize any outfit

While the kit is designed to create friendship bracelets, your child can also make bracelets just for them. They can stack them, wrap them or share them.

This means they can create bracelets to customize their outfits. This makes it an especially great gift for the budding fashionista.

She will have hours of fun coming up with her own designs. When she’s done, she can show them off to all her friends.

What’s great about this set, is it’s cheaper for your child to make their own bracelets than it would to be to buy them pre-made. So, you could also save yourself a lot of money in the long-term.

Refill kits are available

While the kit allows you to create 10 bracelets, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are plenty of great refill kits available, including a larger range of different colors.

The initial kit comes with 5 different colors. Investing in the refill thread packs enables you to build up your child’s color collection, giving them the opportunity to create even more dazzling designs.

This Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker is a fantastic gift for your daughter, granddaughter or niece. If she’s the creative type, she is sure to love and appreciate this gift set. Once you’ve seen it in action, you may even enjoy trying it out!

Fingerlings HUGS – Bella – Advanced Interactive lush Baby Monkey Pet


Fingerlings HUGS toys are extremely popular. When you see Bella you will understand why! This adorable pink monkey isn’t just your average cuddly toy, instead, she is fully interactive.

Each of the Fingerlings HUGS toys is created to be affectionate, fun and lovable. Don’t be surprised if your child quickly becomes attached to this lush baby monkey! 

Bella isn’t your average soft cuddly toy, she’s specifically designed with affection in mind. From her long huggable arms to her huge personality, your child will love having this faithful companion by her side.


She doesn’t only do hugs either. Simply hold her up to your lips for a kiss. The longer you hold her against the lips, the longer the kiss lasts. You’ll also find the size of this toy is pretty impressive. She’s big enough to give great hugs! She’s such a sweet toy for girls.

Supersized reactions keep the kids entertained

Bella’s reactions, like all of the Fingerlings HUGS toys, are super-sized. She makes a lot of noise, including sounds your kid will find hilarious. She burps, toots and laughs hysterically; especially if you engage in a tickle fight!


Throw Bella into the air and hear her get super-excited or swing her around and turn her upside down for even more laughter. You may not exactly love the constant noise, but when you hear your child laughing along, it makes it all worthwhile.

Plenty of awesome reactions for hours of fun

This awesome interactive toy has so many different reactions. There’s even a talk-back feature where your child can press Bella’s ear while talking, then let go and listen as Bella repeats what she heard. She doesn’t repeat it back in a normal way either. Being a typical monkey, she will play the voice back in many funny ways.

Your child is sure to have hours of fun with this exciting, lovable companion. If you get fed up with the noises, you can switch her off, but don’t be surprised if your child has something to say about that!

As an additional bonus, Bella comes with batteries included. You won’t need to worry about the dreaded “batteries not included” trap after the toy has been unwrapped.

Another great benefit of this toy is that it is suitable for children aged 36 months and above. So, Bella could easily grow with your child, providing them with a great childhood companion.

Overall, if you’re looking for a soft, cuddly toy that your child can interact with, Bella is a great choice. She is easy to operate and you will find plenty of great informative videos on YouTube, showing you how to work each feature. Even young children will soon get the hang of how she works.

L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises


Want to wow the little girl in your life? With this awesome L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise gift set you will do just that.

L.O.L dolls have become the must-have toy for girls aged 5-12. With lots of different dolls to collect, what’s great about the range is that you never know which dolls you’re getting until you unwrap them.

This great kit features limited-edition dolls and one limited edition pet. So, you won’t find them anywhere else. Here, we’ll look at why this gift set is dubbed one of the best gifts of the year.

There are over 60 surprises!


The main stand-out feature of the set is that it comes with a staggering 60+ surprises. You won’t find these surprises anywhere else, making it a great kit for avid L.O.L Surprise collectors.

There are dolls, a pet, accessories and even a spy game to keep your child entertained. Each kit follows a “missing pet” story, where your child needs to find secret clues with a spyglass to reveal the names of secret agents who are looking for their pet. It’s far more than just a simple collectible toy for girls.

Limited edition dolls you won’t find anywhere else


The fact you can’t get the L.O.L Surprise dolls anywhere else is a major plus point. She will love having dolls and pets that none of her friends have got. As mentioned above, it also means if she already has a huge collection of the dolls, there’s no risk she’ll find one which she already owns.

So much fun to unpack!


Unpacking this gift set is a fun experience! If you’re familiar with the L.O.L Surprise dolls, you’ll know you need to unwrap them in order to see which dolls are inside. For a young girl, this can be really exciting. The fact she has over 60 surprises to unpack makes this one of the best gift sets you can give for Christmas or a birthday. Watch her face light up as she unpacks surprise after surprise.

It comes with a great carry purse!

Worried about where you’re going to store all of the dolls and accessories in the set? Don’t panic! One of the bigger surprises is a totally cute pink purse to keep everything in. You won’t need to worry about losing them, or worse, stepping on them!

If you’re looking for a gift that’s going to keep her entertained for hours that has the ultimate excitement factor, this L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise with over 60 awesome surprises is sure to be a winner. Considering how many things are included in the set, it comes at a great affordable cost too.

Lil’ Gleemerz Doll

Give your child their very own adorable companion with this fab Lil’ Gleemerz Doll. Known as Amiglow, this fully interactive cute doll comes with a light-up tail and has tons of personality.


You can purchase this popular Blue doll alone or collect all of the different colors for a truly magical light show experience!

Featuring over 100 different reactions!

This Amiglow Lil’ Gleemerz Doll may be small, but she comes with a huge range of reactions. Her stand-out feature is the beautiful light-up tail, which glows with the colors of the rainbow when activated. This feature alone would be enough to please any child, but it doesn’t stop there!


The eyes of the doll also light up and she makes a lot of quirky sounds and phrases. Your child can interact with Amiglow via sound or touch and they’ll have hours of fun playing with their new companion.

It comes with 3 unique modes

There are 3 different modes to choose from including light party, games and hangout. The game mode is awesome, allowing your child to play numerous games with the doll’s tail. They include Tail Tennis, Stop on the Spot and Catch the Kiss.

Hangout mode is where you’ll discover most of the doll’s reactions. Simply squeeze her tail or pat her on the head and hear her respond in different ways including purring, growling and saying funny phrases.

This is the sweetest toy for girls

Light party mode lets your child clap or play music for Amiglow to follow along to. As the beat strikes, her tail will flash along, creating a fabulous light party experience.

You can even customize the lighting so that it flashes specific colors.

Collect the set for enhanced interaction


What’s great about Lil’ Gleemerz dolls is that you can collect them all for enhanced interaction. The dolls will interact with one another and each features its own unique reactions.

Adding one more doll to the collection adds hours of additional entertainment. They’re all adorable and come in different color variations.

When these cute dolls aren’t in use, they can be stored in a unique and fun way. Their little paws can be used to hang the dolls from numerous items including boxes or even your laptop screen. When your child isn’t interacting with them, they can use the doll as an adorable companion.

You really need to see this interactive doll in person to see just how cute she is. Amiglow is one of five unique Lil Gleemerz, sold in a beautiful blue color. You can guarantee your child will fall in love with this interactive companion and the great thing is, it comes at a great affordable price.

PIKMI POPS Giant Flips – Cinnamon the Bunny


Introducing the incredibly cute PIKMI POPS Giant Flips Cinnamon the Bunny! This ultra-soft, cuddly toy is sure to become your child’s favorite companion.

The reversible plush comes with the softest, cutest long floppy ears. There are surprises inside too, including two smaller reversible scented plushies.

A soft, cuddly toy any girl will love

The PIKMI POPS Flips range is super-soft and offers a 2-in-1 collectible toy. In its original form, the plush toy looks like a cute, colorful fluffy tree. Reverse it however and Cinnamon the Bunny will be revealed.



This round, soft bunny comes with adorable floppy ears and the cutest facial expression.

Compared to the Jumbo standard PIKMI POPS toys, this one is huge! So, don’t be surprised if your child decides to take this cuddly toy everywhere with her.

Incredible surprises await inside!

Of course, you aren’t just getting Cinnamon the Bunny. Inside, you’ll find 8 different surprise items. These include 1 or 2 additional reversible flip PIKMI POPS in the standard size.

These smaller variations also come with a distinct smell. The scent of these toys is pretty strong, with some smelling just like cotton candy and others featuring a strawberry scent.

The smaller toys can also be carried around and connected to things such as a smartphone or keys. It’s worth noting too, that if you find the scent of the smaller toys a little too overpowering, they can be left to sit somewhere for a while and the smell will start to fade.

As well as additional cuddly toys, you’ll also find a range of small accessories included. These surprises range from stick-on tattoos to bag tags. They’re not super-impressive but many children love these types of gifts and will have lots of fun using them. It’s also the excitement of discovering the surprises that make them so great too.


A great collectible for kids who love to own the latest toys

If your child loves receiving the latest toys, PIKMI POPS Giant Flips are the perfect toy for girls. Kids are going wild for these adorable toys!

As well as Cinnamon the Bunny, there are other designs to be collected too. Add Eddie the Dog and Kessie the Cat to complete the collection. Plus, the other designs also feature 8 surprises too. So, she’ll have lots of new cuddly companions to love and care for.

It can be tough choosing between the hundreds of cuddly toys for girls on the market. However, the PIKMI POPS Giant Flips collection is considered one of the best and is very much on-trend right now. If you’re looking for a gift that’s going to get her excited and keep her happy for months, this is definitely a great choice. 

So, what do you think? Did you find the perfect gift for the little girl in your life? Which one did you choose?

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