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Let’s make water bombs!


Kid's Make Water Bomb

I have been trying to keep my son, Jackson, busy since he got out of school in May. We have been having so much fun testing out cool ideas to do outside. Keep an eye out! I will be posting some more of our summer activities very soon. This tutorial is on how to make water bombs. It is very easy, and they work up quick. All you need are three things: kitchen sponges, scissors, and rubber bands. 




Gather your supplies


I tried to find the sponges at the dollar store. I found multi-colored sponges, but they only had one bag. It was $2. I went to a different dollar store and found a pack of 8 for $1. Two of them had the scouring pad side, so I did not use them. I do not recommend the cheaper sponges at the dollar store. They smelled weird and started to fall apart bit by bit as we played with them. Since I bought ours, I have found better quality sponges on Amazon. These would be great to buy if you need to make a lot for Bible School or a Birthday Party. I did not buy many sponges before we tried the water bombs out. We wanted to ensure Jackson liked playing with them first. I do not want to be stuck with 50 water bombs that will not get used. This activity is simple enough to let elementary school aged kids make, just as long as they can use scissors to cut the thickness of the sponges. On with the tutorial!




Before I cut up all of the sponges, I cut enough to make one water bomb to test how many strips I was going to need for each one. I cut mine into fourths. I wrapped a rubber band around ten of the strips. You will have to play around with how many it will take to make a real water bomb. If you do not use enough of the strips, they will fall apart. If you use too many, It makes it hard to wrap the rubber band around it tight enough.


Put them together


Make sure the rubber bands are very secure, so the strips do not fall out. That is it! That is how easy the water bombs are to make!


diy water bombs


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