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How to Whitewash Wood Tutorial

Whitewashing has become more popular with the farmhouse and vintage decor that is in style right now. It’s very popular on all of the home shows too. So why not make your own decor and give it a touch of whitewash?

I will be showing you how to whitewash the farmhouse lantern that I made. You can use this process on wood crafts, furniture, wood signs, etc. 

What is a whitewash?


For those of you that do not know what whitewash is, it’s a way of brightening your project but letting some of the wood grain show through. It creates that gorgeous vintage look that people can’t seem to get enough of.

What you need to whitewash wood crafts:

Steps to create the whitewash effect


Step 1

Most tutorials on whitewashing start by telling you to mix equal parts of water and paint. When it comes to crafts you have to consider what type of surface you will be whitewashing.

Like with the farmhouse lantern I made out of Tumbling Tower blocks from the Dollar Tree. The blocks are very smooth. Equal parts of water and paint on it wouldn’t adhere.   Mix a little paint and water at a time into a container until you get to the desired coverage you’re looking for to whitewash the piece. Test it on the bottom of the piece you’re working on. The ratio I used for this particular project is one part water and two parts paint.  


How to whitewash wood

Step 2

Use a paintbrush to brush the whitewash mixture into the small cracks and crevices first. It can get messy so have a cloth or paper towel handy. 

How to whitewash wood


Step 3

Dip a cloth into the mixture. Wipe the entire piece down with the mixture. Let dry.

How to whitewash wood


There you go! It’s that’s simple. Three easy steps. Click here if you would like to make an easy DIY lantern made with Dollar Tree supplies.


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How to whitewash wood

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