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How to make a yo yo pig

Imagine these cute little farm animal yo-yos cavorting across the front of your fridge! Your child can make a whole basket of them in one evening to give away to their friends, family or even give them to their teachers as a cute little handmade gift. These farm animal yo-yo crafts would be a great end of the school year craft for the class, a craft for Bible school or a boredom buster for the kiddos while on summer vacation.









Using the template page you printed, cut out the 3″ and 5″ circles. Pin them to your fabric and cut them out.


How to make a yo yo pig craft





With needle and thread, sew a running stitch around each circle ¼” from the edge; do not knot or cut thread.


How to make a yo yo pig tutorial


Pull the thread firmly to form a circle, not too tight because you want to add the poly-fil to them towards the end. You can add the poly-fil during this step.


How to make a yo yo pig tutorial


How to make a yo yo pig tutorial




Add some poly-fil to each of the yo-yos to desired fullness. I use a wooden dowel to stuff the poly-fil snuggly.


How to make a yo-yo pig




Before you add any of the features to the yo-yo decide what side you want to add them to. I think the body part would look good with the gathered side facing up. You would have to take into consideration what kind of eyes you want to do for the face. You couldn’t paint the eyes over the gathered part, but you could glue googly eyes to it. Just use your imagination. Glue the button for the snout on the 3″ yo-yo.


How to make a yo yo pig tutorial




Cut out the ear template from the printable, pin them to your fabric/felt, cut them out. Use the image for placement of the ears. Glue ears to the back of the smaller yo-yo atop of the larger yo-yo.


How to make a yo yo pig




Coil pipe cleaner around a pencil; slide off and glue one end to the back of the larger yo-yo at bottom of the pig; let dry. If you want to crochet the tail; using an F hook (3.75 mm) and yarn that coordinates with the fabric ch 10 (10 sts), 1 sc in the second stitch from the hook, 2 sc in each stitch to the end, fasten off (16 sts). If you want the tail to be longer; crochet a longer chain, then proceed as the pattern is written. Glue the tail to the back of the larger yo-yo. 


How to make a yo-yo pig



Cut the feet from the printable template. Pin the paper templates to your felt or fabric. Cut them out. Glue feet to the body using the picture as your guide.




Tie the ribbon in a bow, trim ends and use the lighter to burn the edge of the lighter. Do not leave the flame on the ribbon more than a couple of seconds. You do not want it to turn black or catch fire; let cool. Glue the bow onto the body so it will look like it’s under the piggy’s chin.


How to make a yo-yo pig


Glue the head to the body. Be careful not to glue the head too close to the bow.




You can glue the googly eyes on now or you can go ahead and dip the end of the paintbrush handle into the black paint; dot on eyes. If you don’t want the painted eyes to look plain you can add a pupil by doing the same step with paint and a paintbrush. To make a tiny white dot dip the paintbrush handle in the white paint but dab it on a paper towel a couple of times or until you get the size of pupil you want. Use the final picture as your guide for the placement of the eyes.


How to make a pig yo-yo




If you are making your pig into a magnet; peel the adhesive from the magnet; press it onto the back of the pig. You may need to use a little hot glue to make it stick to the fabric. If you want to make a brooch out of your piggy; glue the brooch pin onto the back of the pig.


How to make a yo-yo pig




There you go! You now have your very own yo-yo pig to wear or add to your fridge! My son, Jackson wants me to make him a rooster out of yo-yos. So guess what the next farm animal is going to be? Yep, you guessed it! A rooster! Sign up to be on our email list so you will be the first to know when the rooster tutorial is ready to go.



How to make a yo-yo pig


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